challenge thyself

  1. Go skydiving.

  2. Pay off my credit cards.

  3. Establish a budget that I follow & can live with

  4. Go out of town for Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and Fourth of July.

  5. Run my second half-marathon.

  6. Establish a dedicated exercise routine – cardio at least 3x a week.

  7. Get a new pair of glasses.

  8. Get a new, rewarding job.

  9. Re-design my blog. 

  10. Set up an herbal “garden” on my deck.

  11. Find a new apartment for next March and/or find a roommate.

  12. Find a church I like enough to go regularly.

  13. Open a savings account and start putting away an amount each month

  14. Visit Lauren in L.A. 

  15. Get my skin checked for melanoma

  16. The tattoo(s) I’ve always wanted.

  17. New York.

  18. Conquer HTML and CSS.

  19. Join Ad Club or AIGA and attend meetings regularly.

  20. Invest in a good coffee maker. 

  21. Napa.

  22. Go sailing.

  23. Start saving for my next overseas trip.

  24. Organize my Gmail account. YouTube links and generic forwards, be gone!

  25. Quit smoking, full stop.

  26. Start playing tennis again.

  27. Find antique postcards from the cities I’ve lived in. (I have NZ to thank if this never gets done)

  28. Learn how to box. 

  29. Dye my hair blonde(ish) and say goodbye to my longtime bangs.

  30. Go back to New Zealand and do all the things I love, and the things I never got around to doing (see: snowboarding on South Island, go to Lake Wanaka, #1)

  31. Learn how to play the drums.


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