“it’s better to love whether you win or lose or die.”

Meeting Mikel Jollett.

Meeting Mikel Jollett, lead singer for Airborne Toxic Event.



bill murray is a masterpiece

When Bill Murray met Bruce Willis:

“I met him at this Andy Garcia movie I did, The Lost City. Willis is there and he’d had a couple drinks. We’ve all had a few drinks. And he says, “I just want you to know …” I’m like, “Oh, fuck.” He says, “I used to work as a page at NBC, and my job was to refill the M&M bowls and the peanut bowls in the actors’ dressing room. And only you and Gilda ever treated me like a human being. You were nice to me.” And I thought, Whew, that’s good. I felt like, Shit, I did somethin’ right, you know?”

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