give & take

..Give me..

2001 gas prices
csi marathons on spike tv
a haircut
a break
more fonts & brushsets
sweet, sweet relish
sarah overbee at family functions
conan on the weekends
diane sawyer
mom & pop coffee shops
meagan’s party tricks
the design book section
first fridays!!
fever pitch
borders’ chai tea
bobby pins
vintage polaroid cameras

people who sing loudly in their cars
l&p and a burger
some privacy
steph’s clap laugh
frequent flier miles
a snorkel
lemon lime & bitters
a bike trail

..Take away…

katie couric
the fuzz
high-waisted khakis & keds shoes
20 something’s in hummers
anyone who likes Panic @ the Disco
my addictions
my student loan
kelly ripa fans
that birthmark on my back
my nervous habits
art snobs
all these lipo/plastic surgery centres
bad manners
reality tv
bad film remakes
knee hair
first chapters
posed pictures
pretentious cd booklets


One thought on “give & take

  1. If you took away posed photos would there be any left of you Laura?

    just a note so you know this has been read! oh and what is up with the library peep-guy, that is distur-bing.

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