Me: what happened in your past where you are so against social media
Me: …there’s some dark history there
Chris: think evil dead
Me: so who is the tree and who is the victim in this scenario
Chris: facebook. or pinterest, angies list, and myspace
Me: haha. i would be DEAD if you had a pinterest
Me: And I want the link to it immediately
Chris: well sorry to disappoint
Chris: dont tell me you have one to swap knitting patterns on
Me: not ever telling never nope
Chris: you do
Me: you haven’t even found my facebook
Chris: ha it wouldnt be hard
Chris: just pointless
Chris: unless you wanna be facebook official
Me: you don’t even have FB
Chris: of course i have a facebook
Chris: its just dusty and has cobwebs on it
Me: is that your cover image?
Me: just a single moth stuck in a cobweb
Me: your prof pic is that chiefs guy who shot himself
Me: …too soon?
Chris: dammit laura
Chris: yes too soon
Me: if I can handle a handicapped joke, you sure as shit can handle a Chiefs suicide joke
Chris: dont tell me how i feel!
Chris: youll never understand
Chris: you’re too numbed by the royals utter cataclysmic disappointment
Me: this is me, right now:


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