repost: construction & catholic tradition

Me: I love that the construction site around the corner has to constantly use an air horn to signify things.
Me: Replace love with fucking hate to death.
Shawn Morrison: Sorry that’s actually me, I’ve been signaling high tide.
Me: I didn’t realize it was high tide every 21 minutes all day every day.
Shawn Morrison: I’m just guestimating.
Bill Griesau: Now tell me how you feel about the new pope being chosen.
Me: It would be awesome if the cardinals came out and they said, “Well, we chose a new pope. And it’s… this old Jewish guy who got lost in Vatican City two days ago while on a trip with his work friends.”
Me: And the whole world just gasps.
Me: And then the Jewish guy goes, “Oy vey!” and looks at the camera with a smile.

– from Maniacal Rage


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