stump height

me: meagan
Meagan: baxter
me: do you believe oscar pistorious shot his gf accidentally or on purpose
i am like, enthralled by this story
Meagan: haha, i know! i read that the way the bullets hit the door, he had his legs on
whereas if he really thought there was a burgler, he wouldnt have put his legs on
me: hahaha sorry lol
Meagan: so therefore, he probably shot her on purpose
me: had his legs on
Meagan: someone said stumps
“he shot her from stump height”
 me: haha wait
  i thought he came home
  and thought an intruder was there
  of course he had his legs on
 Meagan: no he was “asleep”
  and heard a noise when he was in bed
 me: well maybe he sleeps with his legs on
  i mean, i do
 Meagan: nautrally
 me: you gonna judge me ?
 Meagan: but his defense said he didnt have his legs on
 me: lol
  i’m sorry
 Meagan: haha i know
 me: wait didn’t he walk through the house?
  like seek out the intruder?
 Meagan: no its like if the intruder was in my bathroom
 me: that means he would have put his legs on
 Meagan: the space from my bedroom to my bathroom isnt that long
  so they said he hobbled on his stumps over
 me:  i think it was an accident
 Meagan: lets ask charlize
 me: but i’m an optimist
 Meagan: the only other south african
 me: no longer
  oscar has ruined the country for me
  any soiuth african joke is game
 Meagan: rachel dratch had a hilarious tweet
 that all the people in the pistorius case had hunger games names
  and its so true
 Desmond Nair
  Hilton Botha
  Reva Steencamp
 Oscar Pistorius
  District 3
  it goes on and on
 me: god, good call rachel
  remember rachel dratch in Down With Love
 Meagan: hahahah
 me: i’m glad we got to this point in the conversation
  well done
  way to steer
 Meagan: lets be real that the best part is he was granted bail because
  “he’s not a flight risk”
 me: lol NO! is that it? NO!
Meagan: haha yes
me: did they take his legs?
 Meagan: like either the fastest paralympian ever
  or incapable of movement
  no inbetween
 me: hahahahahahahahaha
  did they take his legs, seriously?
 Meagan: HAHA did they take his legs
 me:  maybe just the fast legs
 Meagan: also like i know he has normal prosthetic legs, but i just keep imagining him hopping around on those running blades
 me: like, here you go – you can walk, but not too much
  good headline aljazeera
  me: hahahaha oh my god

3:31 PM me: okay wait, I’m ust reading this article re: oscar
she locked herself in the bathroom?
was he like beating her or something or was she pooping
Meagan: hahahahaha
Meagan: they were fighting
  the story goes
  and after she locked herself in the bathroom he shot her
  she went up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and he didnt know what was going on and shot her
  which seems flimsy
  like you dont notice she isnt in bed
 me: that seems… odd
 Meagan: like jesus, if i get up in the middle of the night dont shoot me

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