too many ingredients.

me: this grilled cheese thing you shared
my stomach would implode on itself
Meagan: i still dont get it!
like cheese ice cream
but then you grill the sandwich
me: with jelly?
i don’t get how this works
Meagan: i know! its like, i think i want to eat it
me: This FB comment… “Mildred Waynette B. : I will pass thank you. to many thing I can not have in one sandmich.”
that comment
Meagan: hahahaha
i fucking hate comments like that
me: like, thanks Mildred
Meagan: no one is offering you this sandwich mildred
me: i know we asked you specifically if you, Mildred, wanted this sandwich
so thank you for letting us know
Meagan: Mildred, did you want this sandwich? With all these ingredients?
me: we’ll now give your sandwich to someone else
Meagan: im getting lost in her fb profile now
her dad’s name is Wayne, so therefore her MIDDLE NAME IS WAYNETTE
me:  lol
Meagan: mildred’s page is giving me high blood pressure
its literally all the bullshit repost this, crazy ugly photoshop image of sayings
me: i went there for 4 seconds and just couldn’t
Meagan: “leave one word in my status how we met 95 percent of you wont do this”. “like this if you want cancer to end”
me: ooooof
you should comment,
“I will pass on ending cancer.”
Meagan: i think im gonna pass on ending cancer
if thats ok with you
would you also like this sandwich

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