we all do it


“This is more of a call for change than a social rule that I actually violate because to try to violate it would be logistically impossible. You know how the Facebook event page for a party always says it starts at ten, but you’re not actually supposed to show up till midnight? I want to show up at ten. When the sun falls I am ready to party; I want to rage hard. And then be asleep by one or two. If we started our nights as soon as it was dark out, we would be able to party on weeknights more often. This call for change is a result of the combination of being too excited and impatient to get out there and start having fun, and of being in early-onset old lady mode. Black skies are for partying; why does what’s on the clock matter?”

– M.J Corey, Thought Catalog. PREACH IT.


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