estate sale

So my mom goes estate sale shopping on my behalf.

Me: for God’s sake
my mom calls me
starts the phone call with OH MY GOD FINALLY
me:  What’s wrong?!?!
Meagan:  haha what did she think you were doing at 10 am on a friday
Me: her: I’m at an estate sale. THEY HAVE A DINING ROOM TABLE.
4 chairs
Me: you seriously just called 3 times, leaving 3 messages
about an estate sale
for furniture I don’t have room for
Meagan: haha seriously. i was like what the fuck are you going to do with a $350 dining room table
Me: Also, at work. Emergency Calls Only rule does not apply to Estate Sales
a 45 DOLLAR lamp
like, Ma
my couch only cost 100 dollars
The most expensive thing I own in my Mac by about a 500% margin
Meagan: honestly, I don’t think I even know what a 45 dollar lamp looks like
What, is it made of gold?
Me: I barely have room right now for my canvas bag full of plastic Target bags
the fuck am I gonna do with a dining room table AND chairs

— 20 minutes later —

Me: Meagan. She bought the lamp.
Meagan: OMG. I cannot wait to see this lamp.


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