the new place

Goodbye, old:

Hello, new!

This room looks so naked without blinds.

DIY Closet - the idea worked! It really worked!

One of many exciting changes as of late: I moved this weekend!

Despite the day being the most chaotic in recent history, I’m now happily settled into my new place, back in Union Hill. “Settled” is term used loosely here – I’ve still yet to unpack a LOT, get internet, etc etc. The new place couldn’t be more different than my last; it’s an old antiquey loft-type space right downtown, wherein my last place was shiny and new, in a wooded area and had all those nice, lovely amenities.

I’m giving up a few comforts: dishwasher, disposal, w/d in unit, and ample storage; but I’m willing to part with them (again), because I’m just so in love with this place. It does need a bit more work – painting, hanging and decorating – but I am just SO chuffed with myself for finding it!


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