ruin the mystique

Kelly: Hey, Gabe
Gabe: hi, kelly
Kelly: How are you feeling?
Gabe: pretty good
Gabe: you?
Gabe: type it
Gabe: don’t say it out loud
Gabe: i am sitting in the same room with you today
Kelly: Oh yeah, I do see you in this room
Gabe: but I don’t want to RUIN THE MYSTIQUE
Gabe: of our friendly chats
Gabe: with the sound of your VOICE
Kelly: No, please do not
Kelly: I’d rather never hear what you sound like anyway
Kelly: So I can read your posts in the voice I imagine
Gabe: you won’t
Gabe: well
Gabe: once
Gabe: you will only hear the sound of my voice once
Gabe: and that will be when the phone rings
Gabe: and you answer it
Gabe: and someone just says “You’re fired” and hangs up
Gabe: that’s me



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