it would be like that show ‘community’, but with MURDER

I got jury duty, again. It’s only been a year and a half since I last did my civil duty, but either I have the worst luck or North Kansas City has  a lottery of under 100 people to pick from.


Is anyone else with me in thinking that Jury Duty could legitimately be sorta fun? Like in a weird way. Think about it. Say you get selected for a classic whodunnit case – like a classic murder trial (think: 12 Angry Men) – where you and these 11 other fools become a wolfpack. There’s like a weird obnoxious guy, some mother, some prickish business  man, a wayward youth, some wise elderly type with a secret, etc and you all totally hate each other at first but by the end, BY THE END, you’ve all fought and cried and thrown glasses of water off tables, and been through so much together that all of your secrets and problems have been laid out on the table and you call yourselves The Misfits as a joke and when you all end up at the truth about this defendant together and it’s time to release the verdict, you all sadly walk out because you know it’s all over after this.

…but I’m just spitballing here

I mean, not that I’ve thought about this or anything


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