don’t get me wrong: I loved Ghost Protocol

… but :

there’s this scene in the new mission impossible movie where ethan hunt meets an analyst and asks him for a pen. he then proceeds to draw the face of the villain on his hand with startling accuracy and the analyst identifies the guy. that was the one part in the whole movie i couldn’t believe. i’m totally willing to accept that this guy can jump out of buildings and shoot down helicopters and stuff, but come on, does he really need to be a good artist too? was one of the job requirements at the IMF drawing I and II credits?

well alright

The best part about this post is that someone commented about this other scene where Tom Cruise wears white jeans. I’ve seen it twice now and both times I’m just incredulous. Seriously white acid wash jeans? With like puffy Van sneakers or some shit. It is so distracting. The ability to suspend your disbelief is immediately DISARMED.

But you know, not during the part where he free falls into a hotel room window.




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