Year in, year out

Wow. Another year past! It’s an Oldy Von Olderson thing to say, but damn. Shit goes fast.

On the opposing note however, 2011 has been long year. I don’t normally really get into anything terribly personal on this blog (other than money, I suppose), but it’s safe to say that this year was a bit of a bear.

I experienced all the serious things in a span of 12 months: love, a move, a heartbreak, big trips, a lot of camping, a whole lot of anger, a whole lot of happiness, both old and new friends, a serious reconsideration of one’s career, doing a lot of shit that scared me, and sadly, hitting rock bottom. The world may not have ended in May, but it eventually crumbled apart for me.

If I learned one thing this year, it’s to just think better of yourself than others have or ever will. There will be people who will make you feel small, awful and unworthy, but then there are always lots who think you’re seriously goddamn fantastic just the way you are. Your perception of (and happiness with) yourself should not ever depend on what others’ words or behavior towards you, no matter how persuasive.

Figure out who you are, and be okay with it. Stop apologizing. 

I am both glad for this year, and RELIEVED AS BALLS it’s over. There were a few people, things and highlights this year that made 2011 just as awesome as it was a metaphorical kick in the nuts.

So let’s begin my Top 10 of 2011:

1) Bailie

coincidentally, my favorite pic from this year.

I really love this girl. I make it tough to be my friend at times, and she has to yield a whole lot of crazy, but it doesn’t drive her away. She’s as faithful as they come.

2)  Spotify
Where, oh where, have you been all my life? I don’t think I’ve even opened iTunes in a month. I have discovered so much new music thanks to this little gem.
SUB-POINT 2a) Private Listening on Spotify. 
Because NO ONE needs to know when I’m totally listening to a Glee soundtrack.

3. Airborne Toxic Event
Favorite band of the year, and without doubt, the best show of the year. I haven’t been to a concert where I was so amped, so into a band, and so pleased when it surpassed my high expectations. Oh, and? I MET THE BAND. It does not actually get any better. I’m worried my life might have climaxed a bit early.

4. Beer Kitchen
This was a surprise, being that the drinks can oft be a skoach on the pricey side. BUTTTTTTT Beer Kitchen has the BEST beer list, the late night happy hour, and?! THE BEST burger in town. Sorry, Westside Local.

5)  My parents

if you don't know my parents, this photo is a good introduction.

Just so glad they’re around. If you haven’t become friends with your parents as an adult, you’re wasting time. They can be your best friends, and guess what? Turn out to be pretty cool people.

6) SoCo
I won’t go into it. I really like Southern Comfort. The end.

7) Smoking
Are we being honest here? We are? Okay then. I will miss it.

8) Having a smart phone
I was the biggest skeptic. And now I eat crow, because it is SO NICE having one. I use it constantly: maps, grocery lists, coupons, and having all those voicemails my mother leaves me delivered as the most AMAZING text messages:

9. Kanrocksas

Girl Talk, Girl Talk, Girl Talk!

Absolute SHOCKER how good this music festival was. So well organized, considering 2011 was its debut year. Despite it taking place the weekend Kansas City turned into the surface of the sun, I saw so many great shows and had the time of my life.

10. Videogum
I literally laughed my ass off this year upon discovering the wonder and perfection that is Gabe, you’re perfect, don’t ever change. If you need a where-to-start guide, my favorite articles this year are BY FAR the “This Week in Movie Trailers, You Guys“, mainly for reviews like this:

Ugh. Katherine Heigel. Tough girl. Accent. Down home. Barf bag. Throw up. Closed eyes. No thanks. Bed time. Already asleep. Leave me alone. Can’t hear you.


So goodbye, 2011. 2012, let’s get started. I have a whole lot planned.


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