a bottle of Kamchatka and a toilet

Being an avid reader of many a blog, many of which are written by professional (perhaps well-off) bloggers, my entire Google Reader feed is like, nothing but Gift Guides. It is twee soup central all up in my feeds; the things that some people suggest I buy for actual living humans in the real actual world is so OUTRAGEOUS and pretentious it blows my mind that they even have the nerve to post it.

For Example.

Image above, clockwise from top left: Handmade Casbah Towel, $150; Waylande Gregory Crane Salt & Pepper Shakers, $135; Moroccan Tray, $460; Mason Pearson Brush, $140; La Sardina Lomography Camera in Cubic, $110; Hadley PJs, $110; Henry Pouf, $336; Superior Servers, $120 for 3; Charade Square Stud Box, $175

This is REAL. There is a blogger that legitimately wants her hundreds of readers, most likely mid-salary, to spend $150 US dollars on a TOWEL. Do you know what an asshole I’d feel like giving anyone I know any of these items? Also, $140 for a HAIRBRUSH. Can you even imagine. “So yeah… it’s like, the holy grail of brushes. Yeah, it’s just a brush. But it’s like, THE really good one.”

There’s so many of these out there like this. Every damn year. It’s like this person, this blog and this video series got together and took over the blog realm at Christmas time. I’m going to sound so Joe the Plumber saying this, but if you’re gonna tell me I have a spare $765 to spend on ONE person, let’s not throw it down on a tiny caveman bowl lined with gold. I get it. Art. Sure, okay. Whatever.

I just do not EVEN understand people with money sometimes.


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