polaroid wall

they always go on about the cameras on phones... why exactly is that? This photo is crap.


Some may have seen my tweet about the polaroids I unearthed, but I was digging through them for a reason. I had seen an image years back of a way to display polaroids, and I got a bee in my bonnet to do it myself. Then I decided to move and to not dig any more holes into walls and so until last week, the idea was all but forgotten.

I had a nice big bare wall in my bedroom and it was just a matter of trimming and leveling the FRP panels (which I found, no thanks to Lowe’s) and within 15 minutes, I was finished!

How sad is it that Polaroid is not around anymore? It’d be so wicked to keep adding to this. Bah. All the cool shit in life always gets ruined or taken away.


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