I recently went to Seattle with one of my best friends, Bailie, and it was so perfect. I already loved Seattle, but this made me want to move there.

I find everything there ideal; even the weather! The surroundings are gorgeous, it’s easy to get away to nearby towns – ISLANDS, even – and every single street we walked on had something to offer, unlike KC which really has “pockets” of activity (shops, restaurants).

A few highlights from my trip…

Hotel Max
Cookie Sandwiches
Cupcake Royale, both times
Po Dogs – THE BEST
Photobooth at Cha Cha Lounge!
Killing it at Nordstrom Rack
Our neverending hunt for new boots
… that I was forced to buy when my shoe literally came apart
Neverending homeless people – actually, not a highlight
Someone driving by and yelling KILL WHITEY at us
My finger getting stuck inside an H&M ring and turning purple
Pike Place Polish shop
Figuring out North, South, West and East and forever being discombobulated
Being the best event volunteers EVAH at the Bonza Bash party!
… namely when their check-in systems kept crashing
Our Halloween Costumes
Taking off our Makeup at the end of the night
The Boat
“We need to locate the ax on this ship.”
Falling down the stairs on the boat
Scallops at Bainbridge Island
Our Taxi Driver having a fight with a construction worker, which ended with, “YOU’RE ROTTEN”
Our ETERNAL struggle with Seattle Transportation
Walking to our hotel that’s “just down the way”, actually 2 miles – with suitcases
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
More cupcakes, more cookies for Bailie
The Underground Tour – our guide was the best!
The speakeasy
Connecting with new and old friends
The Seattle Library
Our Hotel – The Edgewater. Sooooooo beautiful!
Both of us somehow staying out til 3 am every night, yet waking up at 8 am FRESH and ready to go
Getting yelled at, almost getting thrown off a train on the way to the airport (no tickets, whoops!)

Had the absolute time of my life. I want to go back!
Check out the photos!


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