three broads and a baby

Me: looking forward to framing this
look at lucca!
MEAGAN: ugh i look fat and hunchbacky
ME: hahahahahaha
we look like the lesbian version of three guys and a baby
MEAGAN: why does it have to be lesbian, they werent gay!
we could just be the female version of three men and a baby
so lauren is ted danson because it was his baby
ME: i never saw it
ME: i’m the zany steve gutenburg character that’ll always forget where the baby is
does that character exist?
MEAGAN: haha, yes i was gonna say i am tom selleck and you are steve gutenberg
gutenberg was the artist
and selleck was the hard ass
ME: HAHA dying
i like how right off the bat you’re like, Lauren is CLEARLY Ted Danson
MEAGAN: you need to see that movie
haha im gonna need to photo shop this
ME: we’ll call it 3 Broads and a Baby
MEAGAN: i didnt get far before i was like, tom selleck is the baby
ME: lucca’s a hard ass?
MEAGAN: hahahahaha
Lucca Is A Hard Ass
just because when i pasted sellecks head into the picture, it landed right on him
i sent you it

i literally cannot make this my profile picture fast enough
MEAGAN: hahaha
the guy behind me is probably like sending an email “my boss spent all afternoon photoshopping a picture of tom selleck onto a baby”
ME: Hell yeah you did
MEAGAN: haha i made it mine too
this is my finest hour
im not even going to bother gutenberg-ing your face
this is the apex
ME: the climax
MEAGAN: selleck is looking into my soul
he has more eye contact with the camera than any of us
like the ghostbusters painting?
i should be putting zuul’s face on lucca
or not zuul,its
vigo the carpathian
ME: how do you know these names offhand


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