Still sniffling at work 😦

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. It’s odd how people always recollect exactly where they were the moment they found out, when talking about 9/11. I myself remember being a freshman, walking into my Psych 101 class, sitting down and waiting. 15 minutes in and very few students had shown, no teacher. Someone rushed in and told us a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center building. Everything sorta stopped after that, and the whole day / week passed by like it was some elaborate lucid nightmare. Like, us? In America? As if this couldn’t possibly really be happening.

Nine months later, I was living in NYC. I went to Ground Zero, when it was still very raw and awful to see, and looking in and seeing the victims’ cars still in what was once the parking garages, although they were now crushed and mangled in the wreckage. And thinking, these cars were driven by real people that day who never drove home. The buildings they were in got attacked and fell. Those were their cars.

It might seem odd, but in an instant the awfulness of 9/11 sank in, and it was really overwhelming and sad.


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