gallery wall

On a rainy Saturday, I finally got around to finishing off the gallery wall idea I’d started, abandoned (it happens). Let me tell you something about doing this: it requires patience.

  1. Find all frames, lay all out on the floor
  2. Change your mind a million times about the art you want to show, the way you want to lay it out.
  3. Trace each frame on newsprint, determine how far down the nail will hang and mark it. Then cut each piece out for about a million hours. Write down the code name of each art piece on its piece of newspaper so you don’t lose track (I did).
  4. Start taping into position (and you have to keep washing your damn hands or bloody newsprint gets on the wall). This step also requires a lot of grunting, as you have to measure 2″ on each side, which one would think is relatively easy.
  5. Hammer in the nails, start hanging.*
  6. Tear away newsprint underneath, and yay! Hopefully your frames are a bit more substantial than mine. The frames are a bit flimsy and their hangers are crap – they’re always going crooked. Otherwise, it looks very neat in real life (although the photo doesn’t look it).

*Don’t use the little triangle thing it comes with to hang. Get hangers (as you see above, the triangles don’t keep the frames very straight).




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