2 days

A Coworker: I have X document that I’ll be sending your way right now. It’s pretty urgent.

Me: Oh, yeah?

Coworker: Yeah, it’s 4 pages long. Just needs a “bit” of formatting.

Me: Define: “a bit”.

Coworker: Well it’s in Times New Roman, and you’ll have to make the equations separately.  A few diagrams that I made in VisualPro. Oh, yes. And: I’ll need you to tack on a page at the end. They’re my notes on the application.

Me: So, a lot.

Coworker: I did write clearly though.

Me: So a four page datasheet, with equations and diagrams? And a part that isn’t even typed yet nor faced any formal review before. With review, you’re looking at a minimum of a week. Sorry.

Coworker: You can’t just whip it together?

Me: *ignoring that*… I can “whip” my part together, sure. I leave for a week’s vacation in 2 days, though.

Coworker: Best get to work then.



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