if uranus has done his job

LEO (July 23-August 22): A good place to start from? ‘I don’t know what to do.’ Because, Leo, as long as you confidently accept the unsureness, you needn’t worry about having to do anything. And besides, who says you should presently possess clarity… particularly if Uranus has done his 9th-house job and stirred in you a daring interest in adventurous, perspective-rattling explorations beyond your ordinary frame of reference? If you’re treading new ground, you can’t be expected to totally understand what’s going on, can you? Rather than trying to force fuller comprehensibility (on some artificial timeline of your whim) where it doesn’t currently exist, be lenient with yourself about the need-to-know. However, in the open-ended spirit of consciousness-raising, I do encourage you to discuss the unclear topic(s) freely and frequently—without any sheepish insecurity about your still-undetermined state of affairs. Over the coming month or so, you’ll have a lot of energy for outwardly tossing around your thoughts and receiving feedback accordingly. For the record, be prepared for any conclusions made imminently to be reconsidered and/or revised later… with definitive actions maybe not happening until September or October. It must unfold organically.

via astrobarry



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