good enough.

via maniacal rage

I read this post this morning and it struck such a strong chord with me. I know we’re all guilty of accepting what works for now, but I am THE WORST when it comes to sticking to long term goals. I have all these lofty goals: get rid of debt, get serious about getting into shape, quitting smoking, jobs, traveling. I am a perpetual daydreamer, just thinking it’ll work itself out, and I go at it seriously with each goal for about 2 months before it peters out in the third. I’ve broken that trend a few times, and it’s felt incredibly rewarding.

I still find myself both inspired and totally intimidated by super goal-oriented people – mainly because it’s something I could train myself to be, but have become too damn lazy to try. The most frustrating part is that I was once one of those people – I paid off cars in record time, I worked X number of jobs to get to the next point, I worked out like a MOFO and ate like a bird. I once applied for a magazine internship TWO YEARS AHEAD OF TIME, because I was just a internship-obsessed psychopath (but I got it!).

What I’m trying to say, rather incoherently, is that I’m tired of losing steam, and then hating myself for my lack of tenacity. Feeling disappointed in myself , etc etc. Not looking down the road at the consequences or the rewards I will reap because I acted selfishly or foolishly or indulgently. I have so many things I want to do and be and they’re all sorta “yeah, I’ll get around to that next year” type deals. Let’s be honest – I didn’t and I wouldn’t.

Some of the goals I have:

> Become a serious runner: sign up for another half marathon. Or, why not a marathon?

> Web Design Courses: no more waffling.

> Debt: Just. get. rid. of it. Mainly, so I can…

> Have a savings account …

> Free up the possibility of moving

> … and traveling. My favorite thing to do ever.


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