At the Heidleburg!Me and HannahI drink your big shotBailie, her white bra, and Hannah
Don't remember why nowheidleburg confusionIIIIICCCCCINGhotbox cookies!just thrilled to finally be eating
satisfiedposing at shakespeare's
bike hipster - senior collectionfavorite collection of the showrunaway princess collection or something

CoMo, a set on Flickr.

Last weekend I went to Columbia with Bailie. Literally one of the best, THE BEST, weekends ever. Like one where you had high expectations and somehow REALITY BEAT THEM.

> swank-ass (free stay at) hotel
> dinner at Teller’s
> drinks at Heidleburg – where we bumped into my old roommate
> dancing at underground electronica club
> brunch at Shakespeares
> fashion show of senior collections at Stephens
> shopping
> bubble tea


Via Flickr:
12 crazy hours in Columbia


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