who is WE?!

A series of texts from my now-former landlord.

Me: I’ll be free to do a walk-through tomorrow evening. How does that work for you?
Her: We will contact you as your letter stated. *
* literally no idea what letter she’s referencing

— Later  —

Me: Just letting you know that the pilot light on both sides of the stove has gone out. I would attempt to relight it but the entire apartment smells like gas, so..
Her: Please try your furnace. If that is working then your pilot light on your stove blew out.
Me: *Facepalm*

– This morning –

Her: Did your furnace turn on before you left?
Me:  Yes. It was on. I turned off the stove’s gas just to be safe.
Her: Who is we?
Me: My boyfriend and I
Her: Were you able to clean the stove and oven?
Me: Yep. Going back today to finish up everything.
Her: Please turn back on the gas to the stove also as that was not listed in your move-out instructions. Thanks.
Me: I turned it off, Cindy, because the entire apartment REEKED OF GAS


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