end of an era

I’m moving out of Union Hill this weekend. It’s been my home for over two years, and the first place of my own since college. I moved in with boxes of childhood memorabilia, a twin bed, a shitty Target futon, old pots and pans my mom gave me, and whatever I had brought back from NZ. It was pretty hipster there for a while. I’ve come a long way.

I’ll miss:

>  walking down to the Filling Station for coffee. They only just recently memorized my name.
>  Running down Main Street or at the Liberty Memorial. Many a formal affair interrupted!
>  My street. The row houses made it feel like I was living in SF.
>  The awesome colorful trees outside in front
>  the view of the KCPT tower from my bedroom window
>  my checkered floor in my kitchen, even though it was always dirty
>  being close enough to bike down to Sunfresh for Critical Mass

I won’t miss:

> biking or running back up Main Street. IT IS NEVERENDING
>  the lack of plowing on my street
>  my MISERABLY COLD hardwood floor
> everything keeps breaking (the door, the sink, the shower, the ceiling – I literally mean EVERYTHING)
>  my tiny closet
>  my neighbor’s love of MatchBox 20
>  not having a dishwasher and having smelly ass food trash
>  the lunatics who drive down my street going 90 miles a damn hour. I sound old, but I swear, they are LUNATICS
>  the next-building over neighbors who have most definitely probably seen me naked
>  … and my landlord

Goodbye, 2W.


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