fat deviants

Meagan: ugh i should have taken today off
9:17 AM me: god
  me too
9:18 AM Meagan: how are you guys even open, you close on good friday for pete’s sake
 me: hahaha we’re a conservative company
  today is a devil’s drinking holiday
 Meagan: haha
9:19 AM me: if they took away good friday, then HOW WOULD I PUT ASH ON MY FACE MEAGAN
 me: wait that’s ash wednesday
 Meagan: a porn star started following me on twitter
 me: i’m a retard
  some trainer friended me on fb
  what does that say about us?
  she saw my fat face and was like, hmmmm
  let’s friend that fatty
9:20 AM Meagan: we are fat deviants
 me: hahahaha
 Meagan: haha i was just typing that!
 me: god that’s like the best yet
 Meagan: shockingly, no one has taken that yet
 me: goosefever is pretty good
 Meagan: man, goose fever
  that sounds like the name of a 70s band
 me: i feel like you constantly have tumblr up just in case we say something you need to immediately own the url of
 Meagan: pretty close
9:21 AM me: sounds like a preteen novel
 Meagan: hahahaha
  Goose Fever by Judy Blume
 me: like part of a series

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