important & overdue

no seriously, you have no idea

So I got an iMac!

For anyone who’s known me for a while, I have been talking about needing a new computer for a while. I bought a 10-year old $300 old Powerbook I found on Craigslist to just have for internet at home (my previous laptop was stolen).  I couldn’t design or upload any photos, or much of anything other than just. check. my. email.

Well, I want to start doing a lot more freelance design work, so the PowerBook had to go. It was seriously on its last legs; I had to do a series of magic tricks, wiggling and dance moves just to keep it charged. After 6 months of saving, and 2+ years of talking about needing to invest in myself, I got it!

I plan on blogging a bit more in the New Year, trying to be more consistent and challenge myself a lot more creatively. So for anyone who cares, there you go.

I can also watch TV on it too – a vast improvement on my 13″ TV/VCR Combo. In case you’re wondering, I’m not really a “techie” kinda gal. The IT guy at work considers me a pioneer woman in terms of technology. As long as it does what I need it to do, I’m satisfied 🙂


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