i just know i’m going to win

Every time I get one of those “Go Online, Take A Survey and (you just might) Get a Gift Card!” type deals on my receipts / thrown in my bag, I totally go online and take that survey like, THAT NIGHT.  I’ve literally filled out the Target $5k Sweepstakes one literally 4 times this month.

But just think – what if, just WHAT IF you didn’t fill it out AND YOU WOULD HAVE WON?! And you found out in Heaven when they were reviewing your file, you found out, and thought of  how you could have bought out their whole winter boots section, bought that adorable Dining Room table and all their adorable Dwell for Target line? Torture for ETERNITY.

And the stupidest bit is that I actually think someone at Company Headquarters is going to read my particular response (“More produce variety! xo”), notice my friendly suggestion, and then GET RIGHT ON THAT. Like, within the month I’m going to be seeing Jicama and Green Onions and alll these new exotic fruits and veggies, and then I would know. I would just know – it was all because of me, and my survey. I CARED ENOUGH TO TAKE THAT SURVEY.

So, my membership in the Massive Wanky Nerd Club is pretty much a sure thing now . I’m totally in.



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