a correct & efficient discussion of the beginning of our relationship

I sent Mike THIS photo, taken the first year I started working w/ him.

Me: I look incredibly annoyed that I’m wearing so much orange
Mike: Look how sassy you look!
Me: Look  how confused you look
Mike: At least I’m not plainly wearing the “what the f**k am I doing here” look on my face for all to see
Me: I know. What a non-plussed hipster. An ORANGE hipster. Coincidentally, that’s the same look I’ve been sporting since I walked in today
Mike: Also, take note how we’re on COMPLETE OPPOSITE ENDS of the photo
Me: Like we want absolutely nothing to do with one another
Mike: Quite the opposite, really
Me: I’m pretty sure I’m secretly thinking, OMG EVERYBODY KNOWS I KNOW THEY DO  because we were standing within 10 feet of each other at the same time
Mike: Well, they pretty much did.
Me: Agreed.
Mike: I should have gone over and put my arm around you
Me: Yeah, you should have. Why didn’t you? Why didn’t I? I’ll tell you why: I would have shit myself instantly
Mike: More reason to stand that far away from you
Me: Agreed.


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