consider me in transit

Last Wednesday night, Mike and I packed up my little car to the gills with camping equipment, and took off for Denver, to make the weekend wedding (of my longtime friend Tracy) into a 5-day trip around Colorado.

Guys, I really need to stop going there. It is my dream town, at least for right now. Clean, good weather, surrounded by mountains and cool towns, loads of great restaurants, and so many many cool little nooks around the city. I think I’d even be able to put up with those nasty winters. (Apparently they’re better than KC’s??) But like I said – continually going to Denver is just making coming back to KC all the bit harder each time.

A few pictures:

Effff. Flat tire in west KS. Lucky my boyfriend is such a man's man!

Driving up, and up, and up the mountains to Frisco. Come on Cooter!

We worked SO VERY HARD to get that fire going. Lesson: just splurge on the damn lighter fluid.

Pretending to run from bear to honor the fact that Mike CASUALLY just told me that we could literally run into a bear

Going up a Breckeridge mountain on a ski lift to go BIKE DOWN IT (fast). In other news, I really hate ski lifts and Ferris Wheels.

With Mr and Mrs LaFasto, freshly hitched. The night was fantastic, which began w/ getting lost & ending up @ Lockheed Martin, ended w/ me being hobo drunk

Rented a bike to ride around Denver! In a dress! I looked & felt like such a fashion blogger. I DRESSED FOR THE CITY, OKAY

See all pictures here!

Tracy’s wedding was such a blast – she looked so beautiful and I was such a chick and cried a bit during the ceremony. Which, by the way, was a full Catholic mass.

The reception was a BLAST – once we got there! (We got a bit… okay, REALLY lost). It was in this old-timey mansion on a hill with an absolute stunning view. I hung with Lisa, a longtime HS friend too, and we had such a great time together. (I got a bit…okay, REALLY drunk. You forget about the elevation). In other news, Mike did cartwheels on the dance floor. 3 of them. So proud! 🙂

We also went to THE BEST Wal-Mart, ever, on the way out of Denver. Clean as a whistle. Solar-powered. Babbling brooks. Proof.

So overall, a very good trip away. My job is just a heart-attack waiting to happen lately, and it’s always nice to escape where you literally forget about even having a job and are just focused on how to start a fire or how to make it down a mountain without breaking a hip. I’m already looking for a weekend to gather up some friends and make it out to Frisco again – who’s game for a spring camping trip?


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