my weekend + twenty-seven?!

A few photos from my long weekend…

Saw Eclipse again. Unintentionally funnier.

very bloody true blood and very good MAD MEN

Friday night


my horrifying kitchen, pre-2 hr clean

My weekend was relaxing, for the most part. Eclipse, chilling at home reading, sleeping in, having a massive clean, a day off, as well as trucking it out to MIDDLE OF NOWHERE Kansas for a bridal shower in a storm, and then racing back to have birthday dinner with friends.

Speaking of which…

I’m 27??

27 as of today. I mentioned it to my mom last night that it was sorta weird how when we’re kids, birthdays were something we fell asleep the night before anxiously awaiting. I remember bouncing out of my bed, and racing into the kitchen to start MY birthday! MINE. I GOT CAKE TODAY AND PRESENTS AND OMG. And now, as an adult (ugh 27?) we just wake up, yield a phone call from your parents, maybe put some extra sugar in our coffee, and head to the office. Go out for drinks. Which is fine, the mood is just so much more… meh. Yet another birthday.

Just a bit weird, is all.Regardless, this bitch is getting her some tapas tonight. AND SANGRIA.


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