the alcide

True Blood has gotten so damn good. Thoughts:

> I am so glad that Eric is in so much of it lately! And he doesn’t seem so flat… like a bit more than just evil brooding sheriff, now. Also, very hot.

> However, “ocean in winter”? Really?

> I may even like Sookie. May.

> Also, already over English vamp from that prego-Natalie Portman movie. He got psycho way too fast.

> I want to like Arlene. I do. She’s just … so… meh. Whiney and country bland. Shaddap.

> Jessica continues to be my favorite. OR WAIT. A close 2nd to THIS:

this. this right here.


> Whoever wrote the scenes for the Wolves in Lou Pines needs to calm down though. It’s a bit over-the-top. Then again, it is a werewolf bar with Patrick Swayze’s brother as its biggest wolf badass. So, maybe it’s okay.

> Tara: Move to LA, find a nice, normal roommate and a therapist. DO NOT DATE.

> Is it just me or did Bill just get interesting? Finally.


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