it’s the freakin’ weekend baby

picnic'ing in the park w/ mike. awesome summer night!

reading the afternoon away

shaggy shaggy

Full weekend. Bike rides, sandwiches in the park, frisbee, handmade ice cream (oh how I’ve missed lovely creamy Ice Cream!), farmer’s markets, Good Juju, brunch at Farmhouse, reading, cleaning, a dinner party (the first in a longtime), coffee shops, naps, Tour De France, World Cup and finally BBQ’s and True Blood. Whew.

Check out the awesome things I scored at Good JuJu. They were having a clearance – which just makes things priced what they should have been anyway – and I was having a very hard time not being tempted by all the amazing things they had in there this time. Kinda helps when you’re on a very strict budget. However, budget was stretched when I came upon a shelf of wooden Scandinavian stuff. I love love love this stuff and just couldn’t resist taking home:

handcarved wooden deer - my fave!

napkin holder.

Also. While bike riding, I thought it’d be fun to hop off a curb with my bike instead of waiting for the end of the sidewalk like a normal person. Bad mistake. Right in front of a valet parker, I put my front tire off a curb, okay fine… and then the next…got caught and went BOOF. WHAM. Bike seat literally hit my ass as hard as possible. Bruised ego, bruised tailbone, sore ass. Hard to sit down even now. Curb later to be destroyed.


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