let’s do this.

about to go fry my balls off running in the oven that is kc humidity

Yesterday evening I went on a run downtown, on my new favorite route (mostly flat with long inclines and a few steep hills you can get out of the way. This route also avoids homeless hangouts). I live on “the peak” of downtown KC – KC’s hilly as hell and all hills seem to meet their peak at the point where I live. So when I go on runs downtown, it means I’m running down something huge in the beginning, no matter what route I choose, and BATTLING my way back up at the end of it.

Then to add to it, I’ve had a sporadic running schedule as of late so all these runs are tough and then, AND THEN, KC is about eleventy million degrees right now with humidity so high it feels like you’re walking into an old Italian farmer’s hot armpit.

This race is next week, so I’ve not only got to step up my running from whenever I can to WHENEVER  YOU GRAB A FREE SECOND YOU GO RUN, as well as biking. That is totally the part the race I’m dreading. I can bike, and I can hold my own, but it’s definitely not my strength after not biking for 3, 4 months during the longest winter in KC on record.

I’m looking to cross train too, and looking into: kickboxing, local yoga, and Mike’s sister is trying to convince me to try aerial fabrics.

Happy Friday, all!


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