me dear ol’ dad

What are you all up to this weekend? On Father’s Day?

I just came back in from outside, and it’s freaking hot out. I’m not sure what I’ll brave outside this weekend. Sitting outside and reading a book would be treacherous. Perhaps a bike ride and a dip in the pool 🙂


In honor of Father’s Day, today’s Friday Five is in honor of my ♥ dear old dad.♥

1) What’s your dad like?

My dad is fantastic  – hilarious, happy-go-lucky, patient, hard-working, calm in crisis and the most optimistic person you’ll meet. He’s also quite a character – imagine the dry wit of Bill Murray inside the body of a younger looking Jim Broadbent.

my dad's doppelganger

2) Funniest thing your dad does?

God. Everything. He’s always trying to get a laugh. But I’m going to go with his sneezing. When he sneezes, it rattles the hells and heavens. And it’s not just an A-choooo – no. He literally screams something nonsensical like HORSE SHIT HOCKEY!!! at the top of his lungs mid-sneeze.

3) Most embarrassing?

Erm, I gonna go with the sleeping thing. The man wakes up at like, FOUR-THIRTY IN THE MORNING, so naturally he crashes around 7pm. NO. MATTER. WHAT. Even in the middle of a conversation, at the formal dining table, with a boyfriend present.

4) A favorite memory of your dad?

When I was in High School, I liked to get up freakishly early, like my dad, and sometimes I would even wake up before him. But usually, he came upstairs around 5am, started the shower running so it’d be hot for me, wake me up by giving me a back scratch, and I’d roll outta bed, take a shower and join him downstairs while it was quiet to read the comics and eat breakfast with him. Usually in silence. But it was nice just getting to hang with him before we both went on with our crazy days.

5) What’s your relationship like now with your dad?

Really good. I’ve found I can be honest and open with my dad and not feel like I’ll be judged or scolded. He’s great at giving advice, and it’s been really fun to get to know my dad as an adult and not just as his kid. He’s also got a lot of great stories that he fires off when you’re sitting around, having a beer with him.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy Bear!

Look at that Mustache! It's like a porch broom!


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