pic of the day

top > spool no 72 | leggings > target | shoes > urban outfitters

Taken last night, this is me after celebrating Mike’s sister’s birthday – she’s just turning 26! Funny how you’re always jealous of those younger than you, no matter how slight the difference in age. I know when I’m 33 I’ll think back on turning 27 and be all, psssch Laura you had it easy then.

So, we went to this fantastic bar and then followed up at this place. I wore my bright new top from spool no 72, which was much more orange than I had thought it’d be, but after wearing it all day I’m completely in love with it. It’s so fun and fluttery and summery.

My nights as of late have been full of outdoor beers, sandals, cooking, Deadwood, running and running and more running. I so wish I had a porch and a hammock – this weather lately is fantastic!

PS I have a separate style blog now for just these types of posts. Don’t follow it if you don’t want to bother reading about shoes. A lot.


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