a gloomy tuesday

I really don’t have much to share today. My mind is sorta zapped from work and life’s been sorta blah today. So weirdly tired.

I’m loving this rainy relief we’re getting today. It’s been so gorgeous lately, but also oppressively hot some days so it’s a nice relief and nice to have one’s car a bit un-sun like when one gets in it.

Since I’m not feeling particularly inspired…

10 Things that Make Me Happy

1.   Having productive days at work. I know it’s corny, but I love that feeling you get when you’re totally on top of all your projects, even though it takes a miracle some days

2.   Getting photo-tagged on FB. Admit it, you like it too!

3.   After DAYS of swatting and missing, finally killing that fruit fly that’s been buzzing about

4.   Nice smelling deodorant. As in right now. I’m wearing this Tropical Paradise one and everytime I stretch out all I can smell is GLORIOUS COCONUT

5.   Having all my clothes clean, folded and in the drawer.

6.   Finally rediscovering a few new bands/albums you like, when you had just gotten the point where you were sick of listening to everything you had

7.   Grape Gatorade. It’s seriously the only Gatorade with flavor and that flavor just happens to be the squirrel’s nuts of drink flavors. So good!

8.   Etsy-bombing. (i.e. going to Etsy, typing in a word of something I like – say “forest” – and just seeing all the cool shit come up)

9.   Searching my email for something, and instead reading the gchat convos that come up between this bruiser and I. We’re g*ddamn comedic geniuses.

10.  Sitting in bed eating my meals. There’s a perfectly good, clean dining room table that I literally walk past to get to my bedroom. It’s just more comfortable.


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