So I might – MIGHT – be coming off my 2-month blogging hiatus here, just in time for summer. I say MIGHT because I’ve said I’m back before, and then buggered off a week later. I think once you stop, it’s hard to start back up, and you really start to wonder what the hell you had to say anyway and when the hell you had time to say it. It also takes a lot more effort to blog (on WordPress, at least) than it does just to note it in reader, tweet about it or tumblr it (I am experimenting with fashion bloggery here).

I digress.

This summer should prove to be a good one. I’m having my golden birthday (27), I’m in a wedding, I am traveling a bit (yay!), and I hope to be training hard – potentially a 15 mile trail run in the schedule – and in general I’d like to keep this summer as busy as possible. Also, I’d really, REALLY love to move.

I’m also getting my website up and running with all my professional work, which is a project I’ve had in the cooker for quite a while and is only now coming to fruition. It is so hard to brand oneself, I’ll tell you that much. Especially when they’re big-ass perfectionists like myself. I will be so proud / relieved when I finally have it done.

I also would “like” to quit smoking. I made an ill-fated attempt at it last year, as you remember, and the cold turkey does not and WILL  NOT work for me. I love smoking as much as I hate it. It’s a social retardation (none of my friends smoke) and I’m always the odd one out, out in the cold usually. Not to mention, I’m not getting any younger and if I want any shot at repairing my lungs, better now than never. Also – trying to climb a muddy-ass hill in the woods is just that much harder when you’re WHEEZING TO DEATH.

If I’m going to quit smoking, I need a date in mind, so I can buy the patches and prepare for the wretchedness of having NOTHING TO DO IN THE CAR.


One thought on “quitter

  1. This was posted on the Groupon homepage today and I think it is apt.

    “Take that disease-flame out of your inhalation-hole, Dr. Smarty Pants. I don’t care how cool you look, if you don’t stop smoking I’m going to start, and you wouldn’t want that on your conscience, would you?”


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