this is like the pink eye chronicles

I can't decide which pink eye looks angrier

So. Yesterday I woke up, full of the joys of spring. Totally motivated for the day, even had a fantastic outfit chosen for the day. I was fully through breakfast, had my first 3 cups of coffee, had my shower. I go to start doing the makeup thing, and my eyeball looks irritated. Writing it off as allergies / contact irritation, I went into work.

It continued to get waterier, grosser and hurt like a mofo, so to my embarrassed chagrin, I admitted that the pink eye had in fact returned and was promptly sent home.

Now, you ask, do I live in a den of filth? Did I not get properly treated the first time? Do I hang out at playgrounds and/or daycare centers and/or East KC?

Nay to all. PINK EYE IS THE MOST SHITTILY PERSISTENT THING TO CATCH. I practically set my apartment on fire after I caught it a month ago. Cleaned literally everything. But I guess the little germy Pink Eye amoeba clung onto the one dusty spot in my apartment I didn’t clean, and I managed to catch it again. CLASSIC LAURA LUCK. Case in point? Don’t mess with pink eye. It’ll come back.

And no one likes a person with Pink Eye. It’s super nasty and painful and really icky. The whole day when people have been talking with me, they’re totally looking right at my stink eye the whole time, and you know they’re thinking WTF and/or that I live in a dusty-ass crackhouse. I do not. In fact, I probably got this eye curse from eschewing all that winter dust outta my place lately.

Regardless, this will be me for the next few days:

Daria, anyone?


One thought on “this is like the pink eye chronicles

  1. I also would get pink eye ALL THE TIME! I could hear their murmurings at work..something about handling dirty diapers. It usually appears every year at this time and suddenly it all went away. Now I’ve jinxed myself, or “pinked” myself.

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