friday five

Let’s keep this whole “blogging again” thing going with yet another Friday Five. Topic: sleep. Precious, wonderful sleep.

  1. How many hours’ sleep do you need in order to be at your best, and what’s the minimum you can get on a regular basis and still be functional?
    Like everyone, 8. If I go to bed after 11, fugheddaboutit, being tired is a certainty, no matter how much sleep I get. To the second question, 6.
  2. What’s your favorite sleeping position?
    On stomach, with one leg bent up.
  3. What was the cause of your most recent difficulty sleeping?
    My cat was post-op, weak and kept falling off the bed (poor thing)
  4. When you can’t seem to drift off to sleep right away, what are some things you do to bring about sleep?
    This is totally embarrassing, but whatev. When I was a kid, and I couldn’t sleep one night – nightmares I think – I yelled for my dad. He came upstairs, sat on my bed, and proceeded to tell me to think of our upcoming vacation to the Smokey Mountains. We happened to be visiting Dollywood (Dolly Parton’s amusement park) on that trip, so he told me think of Ms. Parton singing. And it worked. And to this very day, when I can’t sleep, I think of Dolly Parton to fall asleep and I think it works. I kid you not.
  5. When did you last doze off at an inappropriate time or in an inappropriate place?
    Mmmm during a movie I think? Don’t really recall.

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