over the weekend…

I know my posting has been a bit…sparse as of late, but work is all-consuming. Last week seemed to take forever to get through. I think it has half to do with one of my co-workers leaving 6 months ago, and then half everyone jumping on the “This needs Marketing!” bandwagon, combined with an overwhelming lack of knowledge at my company of what we do or how we do it. Regardless, from the moment I walk in lately, to the time I finally clock out, I’m up / down / all around, and trying to juggle and make progress on each of the million projects currently on my desk. I come home and I really have nothing left to say, nor any links or internet hots to share with anyone reading this.

So work speech: done. Let’s move on..! 🙂

SATURDAY, 3.27.10

i was like eating a frosted baked cloud, but even better

Woke up, had the most AMAZING BRUNCH OF MY LIFE which involved this gooey, thick melt-in-your-mouth French Toast from You Say Tomato. Right down the road from me, it’s one of my absolute favorite restaurants in KC. You always feel so welcome there, and it’s very strong on the neighborhood vibe. Followed that with shopping with Mike, who has VERY PARTICULAR CLOTHES PREFERENCES. I give up trying to shop for men, so terribly glad I am a woman and can wear bright colors and dresses and tights and heels and scarves b/c I want to.

SUNDAY, 3.28.10

me and tobes, in her Queen Elizabeth getup

Sunday was eventful. After a late night out, had to get up at the ass crack of dawn to get my cat over to the vet – and finally get it spayed. Lord knows why I put it off for so long.

When I dropped her off, the cat was already on high alarm, but upon walking in the lobby I’m confident her nerves literally exploded. BARKING DOGS AND HISSING CATS AND PEOPLE TALKING LOUDLY AND BABIES SCREAMING AND AAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Totally chaotic. I felt so bad leaving her there, even if it was staffed with some very nice people. She practically glared me out the door, finally onto why she was getting dropped off.

I got a bit misty in my car; I just felt soooo bad for her. To cheer myself up, I headed over to Target. Like I’ve said, nothing is nicer than having Target all to yourself (it was 8:30 am) and first picks on the new clothes just in. I probably spent two hours in there, just wandering around, trying on hats and makeup and outfits and even coordinating a storage setup for my closet (that I didn’t purchase). I originally went for a trench, but left with a dress (which is actually a swimsuit cover, who cares) because I am so ready for summer and beach and Maine and drinks on the beach that I’m literally willing warm weather here with my Target purchases.

greetings from miami and/or my dressing room

I am now done with talking about Target and shopping.

I spent the rest of the day tearing the apartment apart, and having a very thorough spring clean. So incredibly therapeutic! I’m a naturally messy girl, but nothing makes me feel more right (? i think?) or organized than making my apartment look brand new and sparkling clean.

Got an amazing amount of things done on Sunday, too, before I brought the little furball home, with the cone thing on, which she TOTALLY COMPLETELY HATES. She was so incredibly weak and SO pitiful – couldn’t even meow or walk or anything. I no longer have to wonder what a cat looks like drunk.

disney eyes


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