the best weekend.

FRIDAY, 3.19.10

hair about to be blown off my head

This photo was taken upon leaving work at 7:30 PM on Friday night. What a loser, right? Work’s so busy lately that I don’t really have much choice but to stay late, which is okay because since ditching the Borders barista gig, I’m happy to do overtime. I’m glad with how the pic turned out, because it properly shows how bloody windy it was out there!! It was 60 degrees at lunch, and upon leaving it was in the THIRTIES and felt like there was a massive storm brewing. It was fully snowing an hour later. Only in Missouri!

Hung out with the boy, and watched Precious. Wow, powerful film. I really liked Gabourey‘s performance, which I think got looked over because M’onique was so damn good in it. Gabourey seems like such a bubbly, lovely teenager in interviews, and in this movie she is so forlorn and so great. Hope she stars in more good films and doesn’t get typecasted.

SATURDAY, 3.20.10

Klaus, meet Cooter.

Very eventful day on Saturday …. As of 6pm, I became the owner of a BRAND NEW YARIS.

Can you believe it, cuz I can’t. I am in total shock. I have never had a new car, let alone one that I’ve lusted after for a while. I dropped by the dealership thinking I’d only test drive it and get information, and after they told me I’d qualified for 0% interest for five years, I just couldn’t pass it up. I got a great deal, and it was very weird how in an afternoon I managed to sell Klaus – which had become something of a costly liability – and drive away in something brand spanking new.

NEW means it only has 10 miles on it. It drives so smooth, and without a single squeal, rattle or burp. It smells new and clean and wonderful. It didn’t have any rust or dents or even DUST. I won’t have to keep saving my money for the eventual costly repair, because I actually have a warranty. A GREAT ONE. I am so used to driving old, dented, well-loved cars that this is such a weird and welcome change. And it has an MP3 Jack! And working windows! And a MILLION CUP HOLDERS and ton of nifty compartments. And it drives like a damn jackrabbit. Seriously, this car will be the death of me, ticket wise.

I did have a cry driving away from trusty old Klaus. I don’t know what it is about cars – you just start thinking of them as a pet or an old friend or something. I had many good memories in that car, and it had gotten me through some really awful weather. I was so sad I couldn’t see the person it was going to go to… I just hope it doesn’t end up on a salvage yard. Poor guy 😦

SUNDAY, 3.21.10

note to self: give up dream of yogurt-modeling career

Sunday was so busy, but GREAT. Started off w/ yum brunch at Ingredient, then onwards to Overland Park to surprise my family with my new car and then to crash around town with Meagan. Found an AWESOME dress and bits at Old Navy, all half off, and ate my face off at Blanc Burger. So good, and the fries come in tiny shopping carts!

We followed that up with Peachwave, this frozen yogurt bar where you choose all your yogurt flavors and toppings – and they got em all – and then it’s sold by weight. SO, SO GOOD. Let yogurt bars be the new hot trend and let these stores park themselves right downtown.

Whew, so that’s my weekend. It was so full and so fun and now I feel like I need to go on a diet. Oy.


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