photos of the days…

Hey and sorry to anyone who reads this expecting consistency. This week has been hard, particularly at my job.  Enough drama and stress to leave me feeling as defensive as a growling cat backed into a corner. It’s also been a bit crazy, so much that I’m having amnesia remembering the details. Either way, we’ve made it to Friday – huzzah! Let my good weekend commence…

TUESDAY, 3.9.10

nice glow effect, at least.

A hard day, for more than one reason.  Long story.

WEDNESDAY, 3.10.10

The concept is i'm swimming in it, get it? That and I need a haircut.

SUH-wimming in so much LAUNDRY. I’m one of those people who will literally let it get to the point where all I have left to wear are cut-off 80s jogging pants and a misshapen Old Navy tee before I do my laundry.

THURSDAY, 3.11.10


Nom Nom. Celebrating Meagan‘s 27th at Bar180 with a damn delicious meal of gorgonzola dip, greek flatbreak pizza and the most AMAZING powdered dessert in the history of food. Seriously, that meal is being listed as a candidate on the “potential last meals” list.


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