taking issue w/ the olys

So the Olympics ended last night, obviously. I watched quite a bit of it, and after like 40+  hours of watching the stuff, a few things:

•  If you get a medal, GOLD OR NOT, you shut up and be happy. God and hell, who the hell cares if it isn’t a gold. You know how stoked most people would be to get a bronze? A silver? You know how much the people in 4th, 5th place would like your medals? Seriously, stop pouting and be happy. I don’t care if you’re “letting people down” or even a whole damn country; you probably lost by what, 3/10ths of a point, and how many people did you have to beat to get there? Also, that’s just life. Boo f–king hoo.

check out the sourpuss on the left. YOU'VE GOT SILVER, STOP SULKING

  • Americans are so obsessed with themselves + winning. The newscasters / commentators seemed to have an obsession for worrying if the performance was “medal-worthy” or not, especially when it was an American competing. Like, this performance is only amazing if it wins a medal.
  • The Olys are so incredibly overhyped. From the opening ceremony (which is gorgeous) to all the promos to the way Bob Costas considers every good performance a “historical” one / “change the industry forever” type stuff, it all just felt a bit too over-the-top.
  • Ice Skating – I could have sworn this was more interesting and a lot more fun to watch when I was a kid. I was actually bored watching it – and I used to be able to watch hours of this stuff. It started feeling like every skater was doing the same piece, but just rearranging the required moves to fit the music. Am I alone in this?
  • I absolutely LOVE the underdog. I found myself cheering for the athlete from the smaller countries, because I have this idea in my head that all the people in this remote village somewhere (that some athlete is from) are all glued to their televisions and are just proud to have a single athlete in the Olympics. I was just like, GO! MAKE YOUR VILLAGE PROUD! GOOO! BEAT THE AMERICAN!
  • I want to go to Vancouver, it looks awesome!
  • There was this show that played last weekend about the Miracle on Ice in the 1980 Olympics, plus the game this past Sunday, which made me really want to get into hockey.
  • I am still so weirded out that NBC OWNS the Olympics. It just seems a bit hoggish that they are the only ones that can report on it daily and whatnot.
  • The next Winter Olympics will be in 2014. WHEN I AM 30. HOLY CRAP.
  • No more Olympics = new episodes of Community / Parks & Rec!

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