the past few days…

…have been a bit nutty! My social sched has been quite impressive, and my workload at my day job is overwhelming. Hence, the lack of posts. But I have been taking my daily photo.

TUESDAY, 2.23.10

adorable apron! courtesy of lauren

Cooking tonight! Made a chicken dish that turned out great, for once. Also put the fantastic apron Lauren made / gave me to use! Also, the “kern this” button has unfortunate apron placement for this picture. Making a decent meal – that involved cooking chicken – is a big deal, because a) I have the WORST LUCK cooking that bird, and b) my boyfriend is such a great cook that it’s the equivalent of Bridget Jones cooking for that Anthony Bourdain fellow. Except he’s not that mean and pretentious.

WEDNESDAY, 2.24.10

that dress was clean and pressed at the start of the evening... what happened??

Me, Meagan and the rest of her coworkers with Michael Douglas, whom we met at the Kids Night Out, a charity dinner supporting The Boys and Girls Club of Kansas City. We didn’t win anything, other than a handshake from this devilishly handsome (and small!) man. It was so much fun getting to go to my first fancy charity auction – I felt a bit like an imposter being there though, as just the cost of my seat would have been all I could afford, let alone the things people were bidding on. Some woman, in her 30s, just casually dropped 3 big G’s on some NCAA Basketball tickets prize. Boom. 3 Grand. Let me write you a check. Here’s how that would work for me: Oh shit, I just dropped 3 grand? As in the worth of my vehicle? As in 6 months worth of rent? As in a significant chunk of what I owe in student loans? Yeah.. so, I’m a bit jealous of her. 🙂

THURSDAY, 2.25.10.

LOOK at all that hair!! squuueee!

One of my favorite co-workers is leaving the company I work at, and last night was his goodbye drinks shindig. I ran into my former co-worker, Tonya, who has managed to create one of the CUTEST HUMANS ever. Her baby Dane is this wonderful, snuggly, flirty little thing with a glorious amount of hair. I don’t normally get this clucky, but with that baby? Heavens. Copy + paste that baby into my future life.

I then proceeded on to Fork + Screen thing w/ Meagan, where I saw the absolute worst movie of my life. Hands down, worst movie ever ever EVER. I was so embarrassed for the actors in this film. Did none of you fools read this before you signed on??? This is like unwittingly signing on to star in Gigli 2. Regardless, we had a good time totally roasting this movie, probably loudly enough to ensure no one else in the theatre was stupid enough to like this gassy burp of a movie.


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