happy tuesday

MONDAY, 2.22.10

new shirt, new hair, new week..

I can’t believe it’s already nearing the end of February. This year is starting to fly by! In better news, it’s 28 degrees out, the sun is up and bright!! I have hopes for spring coming soon…  *knocking on wood*

I got this shirt over the weekend here and at first I wasn’t sure but now… so sure!! It’s got this great vintagey vibe without being too dowdy or try-hard. I also have newly dark hair, which has got that box-color super sheen thing still going on. I’m just glad to not have stripe of brown roots down the middle of a brassy auburn head of hair.

I’m going as Meagan’s “plus one” tomorrow night to this, which means getting all sassy, eating fancy food, drinking fancy drinks AND MEETING MICHAEL DOUGLAS. I am getting so excited! Mainly just to dress up and go to something fancy. Currently trying to think of something interesting to say to Mr. Douglas, and I’m nearly convinced this story is what I will lead with. It is the most amazing story I can think of, so…?

Or I could just ask him when he’s going to make The Game 2.


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