claustrophobic gripe

Scene: at grocery store / Target / any place with conveyor + checkout, etc

Gripe:  So you’re at the checkout, and you’ve laid out your stuff on the belt. The person behind you barrels in, takes the separator thingy, PUSHES your items with it to make more room for their own, and stands there impatiently while waiting for the belt to move so he can release his ginormously heavy grocery burden and organize it on the belt.

When you finally get checked out, they continue to stand closely, staring at you, your items, and generally assessing how swift and organized you are. I cannot stress enough that this will only make someone like me so retardedly flustered I might as well take the contents of my wallet and all my coupons and throw them in the air. Also, remember this is all taking place while this asshole is standing about 2 ft from you, so close in fact that the checkout girl asks if your items are together. You’d be damned if you had any sort of issue or question or any type of delay, i.e. the need to buy wine. Because then that obnoxious, MASSIVELY HURRIED PERSON, would stand there, sigh loudly, and give you a look of disdain for being born after 1970. For REQUIRING an ID check.

In short: back up, be patient and remember to have some damn manners. Good lord.


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