friday five

Because I’m lazy today…. 🙂

1. Describe where you grew up:
I began the grow up thing in the suburbs of San Fran, but I did most of it in Overland Park, KS. I had a fantastic childhood, in the coolest big house where I shared a room with my sis, and lived a neighborhood with loads of kids. I had such an awesomely cliche childhood, full of doll playing and play writing and kickball and getting into trouble and the CATTIEST fights with my sister and being awkward and all that good stuff.

2. Do you wear any jewelry?
Mmm… sorta. Usually just one piece or just one “area” is decorated. Like if I’m wearing earrings that will be it… I’ll feel too crowded with anything else. Jewelry wise, at least. I do wear clothes, of course.

3. What do you have too much of?
Black clothing, or knick knacks. I also clip way too many things out of magazines. I also have too many magazines, now that I think of it.

4. Who is a fool?
This guy, this woman, or people who take themselves or life too seriously.

5. What’s your nickname?
Jules or Baxter are the only ones I’m aware of. My brother used to call me Larda … no personal mental anguish caused AT ALL.


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