the weekend recap

SATURDAY, 2.13.10

nothing says love like a muddy embrace

Finish line smooch for Mike, who just finished a 50k out at Wyandotte Park. I paced Meagan, who ran a 20 miler. Very fun and very muddy. Inspired to do next year’s 10 miler.

We celebrated V-day that evening by going to Screenland‘s showing of Casablanca, where it was this package deal where you got a bottle of wine, 2 things of popcorn, and delicious Christopher Elbow chocolates. I had always wanted to see it to see what all the fuss was about, and have to say I was not disappointed. However, my addiction to Closed Captioning might be causing me to not enjoy movies unless I can understand everything they’re saying. I can’t stand not knowing what they’re saying, and Casablanca / a lot of older movies have actors that talk so fast or it’s so lo-fi that I feel like an old woman yelling out to speak louder and more clearly.

SUNDAY, 2.14.10

yaaaay. borderrrrrrrrrrs.

Spending my Valentine’s Day working at the cafe at Borders. Can you sense the unbridled excitement? (However, the boy did take me out for my lunch break to Cactus Grill! 🙂 )


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